Belastingkantoor, Tax Office, Kancelaria Podatkowa
Wioletta Wojciechowska & Erwin Jongman


The Tax Office in Didam (NL) offers a full range of administrative services, tax, social and insurance consultancy. We have a registration number of Belastingdienst BECON, which allows us to handle the matter professionally and efficiëntly.
We have obligatory certificates / permits from Dutch tax consultants of the Dutch tax office, which enable us to prepare and submit declarations on behalf of the cliënt.

 We offer:

  • Tax settlements of natural persons, corrections (Holland, Germany, Poland),
  • Supplements to insurance, rent, family allowance and kindergarten (NL)
  • Separation (joint settlement with a partner) (NL).
  • Mortgages
  • Sofinummer for partner (BSN)
  • Family benefit (NL, DE)
  • Health insurance, accident insurance and other (NL, DE).
  • Translations, 
  • Legal advice in the field of labor law, fiscal law (NL),
  • Compensation in connection with accident and health loss (NL),
  • Unemployment benefit, transfer of U2 PD allowance, PD U1 form (NL, DE),
  • Illness benefits, maternity (NL, DE),
  • Mediation in administrative, tax and social matters, etc. (NL, DE),
  • Change of address and account number,
  • Telephone calls to offices,
  • Banking and other matters,