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Wioletta Wojciechowska & Erwin Jongman

Child care benefit - Kindgebonden budget

From January 1, 2009, people who are working in the Netherlands for a Dutch employer and entitled to family allowance may receive an allowance for a child / children so-called Kindgebonden budget. 

This supplement was replaced with the child allowance in 2008 (kindertoeslag). 

This supplement can be obtained as an addition to the family allowance (kinderbijslag). The supplement is granted to children who are under 18 years of age. The amount of the allowance will depend on the number of children and their age as well as the income of the applicant and his partner. 

The maximum amount of the supplement for one child is € 95 per month. In order to determine the amount of any supplement, please contact our office.

Maximum amount for 2019:


Single parent

1 child

€ 1.148,=

 € 4.218,=

2 children

€ 2.040,=

€ 5.116,=

3 children

€ 2.325,=

€ 5.401,=

4 children

 € 2.325,= plus extra every next child € 285,=

€ 5.401,= plus extra every next child € 106,=

Required document for applying:

  • A copy of the decision on granting the SVB family allowance
  • A copy of one episode from payment (preferably last)
  • A copy of a sofinummer of a person receiving family allowance and a possible fiscal partner
  • Sofinummer child / children (they are produced automatically by SVB during the procedure of granting family allowance)
  • Bank account number