Qualifying non-resident taxpayer status

If you meet the conditions, you may be regarded as a qualifying non-resident taxpayer. In that case, you may be entitled to the same deductible items, tax credits and tax-free allowance as residents of the Netherlands. You will then have to send a personal income statement for 2018, in addition to your tax return. If you have a partner, this partner must, in certain situations, also send a personal income statement.

Off course, we are able to provide your tax return for 2019. We have all the skills to do so. We make sure that your tax return will be done in the most efficient procedure to make your tax return work out in the best way possible.

We will manage this procedure only occured by legal tax- and Dutch law!

Contact us by phone or contact form and make sure your tax return will be provided in the best way possible!

Tax services

If you are a non-resident taxpayer, you are required to file a tax return in the Netherlands if: 

  • you have received an invitation to file a return 
  • you have not received an invitation to file a tax return, but you earned income in or from the Netherlands in 2020 over which you owe more than € 45

You will also need to file a return if you have not received an invitation to file a return or a form for 2020 but expect to pay tax or receive a refund of more than € 14. Also file a tax return in these cases. You can receive a refund for 2020 up to and including 31 December 2025.